Charlotte Provot

About me:


I am a graduated illustrator from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Although illustration is my specialty, I have honed my graphic design skills during my career.


Working with a range of techniques: realistic and surrealistic, child-friendly and formal, flat and dimensional, greyscale and color, hand drawn and digital, my style can be adapted to many situations, clients and demands.


When it comes to my personal work I tend to always come back to a sense of distorted realism that focuses on people and characters, and I particularly enjoy working in black and white using a simple ballpoint pen.


I believe self-development is a never-ending process that can only be fueled by new input and challenges, so feel free to contact me with exciting new assignments!






0031 (0)618151419

Past experiences:


Working part-time as an assistant for artist, Fleur van den Berg, before and during my studies at the academy, I learnt (and enjoyed learning) how to handle various materials, mainly glass. Although she also makes 2D art, Fleur is primarily a 3D artist and as such our style and skills complemented each other, as I work mainly in 2D.


Some of the projects I assisted in the making were: “Kinderen Overbruggen” (2008), “Hartboom”, “Blauwe Periode (2009)”, “Bloemenlust” en “DroomSpelmuur Luilekkerland” (2011).


In the third year of my studies I completed an internship at Lucky Dubz studio. The little time I was there taught and motivated me much more than all my previous years at the academy. The artist and I had some similarities in our ways of working, in both technique and inspiration, and I left with a much better idea of what my future could look like regarding my career in illustration. The biggest project in which I participated during this internship was the “Pro Shoes” project (2011).


After graduating I worked as a freelancer for a while, doing various jobs before I stumbled upon Universe Awareness (UNAWE) in 2012. UNAWE is a project funded by the EU, based in Leiden, which uses Astronomy to inspire children from underprivileged backgrounds with the wonders of the Universe, to broaden their possibilities as well as their horizons.


Since then I have developed my expertise, especially in the fields of science outreach, by working together with UNAWE, Leiden University, LCOGT and Cardiff University, designing educational resources and the visual communication associated with them.


I’ve always liked visual communication to serve a purpose for the good of mankind, rather than simply for commercial gain and as such, I would like to keep a foot in that field. But really, anything that will allow me to draw and be creative will capture my interest!



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